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Curating Consciousness

Imagine your living and working spaces were perfectly organized based on your habits, hobbies, and needs.

We think this way when we set up high volume, production style work spaces. When it comes to our personal environment, too often we are just placing things where they fit. The thoughtful organization and decoration of our environment is not only a powerful paradigm to use in personal space, but can even be translated to apply to overall lifestyle choices.

The research now exists to carve out the most efficient and enjoyable version of yourself by tailoring your physical space, schedule, lifestyle, diet, wardrobe and information intake to be supportive of who you are to the core, and who you'd like to become.

The FireKeepers have been working to compile this information, cross-referencing it with Ancient practices, to create a system for overhauling your personal ontological design. 



Jason Silva on Ontological Design



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Get to know your inner world, your outer world, and how you can weave them together to work for you. 

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