Step into a dream

Whether you are inquiring about a one-off service, a new strategy, or wish to be part of our in-depth program for learning how to turn any project into a successful endeavor, PeerAmid Creative Studios is prepared to get you to the result you’ve been dreaming of.

While we love giving people a leg up with a single service or some consulting work, we much prefer to dig deep through our innovative project management protocols, which we call S.O. Terra and X.O. Terra.

Read up on what makes our community strong below, or apply for a service today!

S.O. Terra and X.O. Terra

Exploring and understanding the inner world and alchemizing that understanding in to creation, education, and collaboration is the form and the function of PeerAmid Creative Studios.

S.O. Terra is a system of tools and protocols to access that inner world, and X.O. Terra is the system to translate what is discovered internally into works and messages to share and inspire.

S.O. TERRA.png

The Innermost Cave


Part One - Know Thyself

The S.O. Terra process starts with a series of questionnaires that are designed to illuminate many aspects of the personality and open to a sense of harmony with who you are and how you show up.

part Two - Set Intentions

Next, we will define key goals that you wish to work toward and build a plan that taps into what we’ve learned about how you work best.

Leveraging your strengths and engineering solutions to meet your weaknesses, the plan we make will be a template that you can return to time and again.

part Three - Seek Wisdom

Our network is populated with incredibly talented individuals, all of whom evolve through this same process – including the owners of the company.

Frequent gatherings to share and critique works allow our members to lean into each other and leverage our network.

Part four - refine & align

Taking heed of the wisdom offered within critique sessions, integrating what resonates with you and discarding what does not, it is time to refine the work.

We will begin exploring opportunities to share your work, and will further refine the piece or project to be in alignment with the opportunities.

X.O. TERRA.png

The Hero’s Journey


Part one - dreamscaping

Taking the treasures of your inner work, we’ll translate them into opportunities, creating a schedule for sharing and promoting. We will identify what makes you special, who key advisors may be, and how to promote yourself.

Part two - send it

Time to put yourself out there! This part includes creating press releases and marketing materials, managing events, and making the most of your time in the spotlight.

The best part? We’ll send out a blast to our whole network, and you can bet that whatever you put out will be met with a joyous welcome.

Part three - gratitude tour

One of the best tricks to solidifying new connections is the simple practice of offering gratitude. This is so important to us that we make it part of the X.O. Terra protocol.

We’ll walk you through our method for staying organized to make sure no Thank You is missed.

Part Four - Unwind & Integrate

By the end of a project completed in this fashion, you will likely feel like an entirely different person. Now is the time to look back on the process and understand where growth happened.

This growth will fuel your next project, so it helps to have a well-defined sense of the lessons learned and how to apply them again.